Deco Features – Kitchen 305 In Sunny Isles – Stone Crabs

Stone crab season is in full swing here in South Florida seafood lovers are lining up to crack some delicious crabs. While there are plenty of places to get your stone crab fix — one very special kitchen is serving up a never ending supply.

If you haven’t had stone crabs this season, it’s time to get cracking. A good place to start? Friday night at Kitchen 305 in Sunny Isles.

JONATHAN HANZAS: “Kitchen 305 is all about dinner and divas.”
If the portions at other seafood spots leave you feeling crabby don’t worry this kitchen will fill you up.

JONATHAN HANZAS: “So were gonna be offering all you can eat large Florida stone crabs the initial dinners going to be $55 per person

Get your bibs ready people. It’s hammer time.

JONATHAN HANZAS: “Well start with 5 large fl claws then after that we’ll just keep refilling you.:

So if you’re ready to put your paws on some claws, grab your bib and hit the 305.

Woman: “My perfect way to eat them. I don’t like them pre cracked I like to crack em myself with a butt of a knife dip em in the champagne mustard and dive in head first.

Deco Features – Kitchen 305 In Sunny Isles – Stone Crabs.

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